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LAMPLighter History

In 1986, as Metropolitan Ministries completed their first residential home, a group of women realized that the children needed special attention.

This is when the LAMPLighters were formed to give love and attention to these precious children as their parents transition. Our mission and scope has grown and evolved since then.

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We were proud to have a display at the Tampa Bay History Center April through July 2022

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LAMPLighter Historical Timeline
Light and Shadow

Looking Back While Looking Forward

As our membership continues to grow, LAMPLighters is empowered to make an increasingly significant impact on our community with each passing year. We remain committed to assessing the evolving needs of displaced families and children within our community, and channeling our efforts towards meeting those needs.

Through our collective dedication, we have already made a tangible difference in the lives of these children who are in need. With unwavering enthusiasm and love, we will persistently pursue our mission, driven by a shared passion to bring hope, support, and positive change to those who require it the most.

The LAMPLighters are determined to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to create a brighter future for the children and families we serve. We embrace the challenges ahead with unwavering commitment, knowing that our collective impact will continue to grow as we strive to make a lasting difference in our community.

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LAMPLighters Past Presidents

LAMPLighter Presidents

1986-87 Sandra Gardner

1987-88 Robin De La Vargne

1988-89 Suzanne Taggart

1989-90 Judy Mitchell

1990-91 Patsy Woodroffe

1991-92 Patsy Caranante

1992-93 Marsha Martin

1993-94 Barbara Simmons

1994-95 Janet Catlett

1995-96 Karen Richardson

1996-97 Marsha Martin

1997-98 Frances Surgenor

1998-99 Bernadette Schurr

1999-00 Lila Mulholland

2000-01 Evelyn Bowles

2001-02 Carolyn Black

2002-03 Susanne Cleckler

2003-04 Sally Ordway

2004-05 Susy (Lienhart) Nelson

2005-06 Veronica Barquero

2006-07 Cleta Alexander

2007-08 Lila Mulholland

2008-09 Valarie Cappello

2009-10 Sally Mabry

2010-11 EJ Gibson

2011-12 Helen Raterman

2012-13 Nancy Leach

2013-14 Tricia Hancock

2014-15 Christine Manley

2015-16 Kelly Breeding

2016-17 Connie Gage

2017-18 Anne Carney

2018-19 Linda Stacy Mills

2019-20 Tracy Bales

2020-21 Charlene Bleakley

2021-22 Debbie Trujillo

2022-23 Tina Dumar

2023-24 Amy Hull

2024-25 Laura Maddalon

LAMPLighters Past Presidents
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