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LAMPLighters is a ladies auxiliary group that passionately works on behalf of the children at Metropolitan Ministries and Joshua House in Tampa. Our acronym, "LAMPLighters" (Ladies Assisting Metropolitan People), reflects our unwavering commitment to addressing the needs of homeless and at-risk children.


Our mission at LAMPLighters has historically centered around providing steadfast support to the children and families residing at Metropolitan Ministries. In 2002-03, in response to the growing demand for assistance to children in need, our membership made a collective decision to broaden our scope. Since then, we have been allocating a portion of the annual funds we raise to benefit Joshua House—a vital program and shelter catering to abused and neglected children in the Tampa Bay area.


Established in 1986, LAMPLighters originated from the dedication and compassion of a group of volunteers who joined forces to form a support group for Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa. Our name, "LAMPLighters," symbolizes our deep-rooted desire to illuminate the path for displaced families and guide them towards a brighter future.

2023-2024 Officers
Amy Hull, President

Laura Maddalon, President-Elect

Susan Stern, VP Membership

Amanda Miller, Treasurer

Valerie Litschgi, Assistant Treasurer

Joy Miller, Recording Secretary

Tina Dumar, Immediate Past President

Membership Chairs

Connie Gage, Membership Development

Brooke Melendi, Membership Communications

Renee Furlong, Hospitality

Debbie Greer, Corresponding Secretary

Anne Carney, Social Coordinator

Tina Dumar, Social Coordinator

Childrens' Party Chairs

Debbie Greer, Met Min Fall Festival

Deb Zimkus, Met Min Fall Festival

Silvia Wehling, Met Min Valentine’s Party

Lisa Wolf, Met Min Valentine’s Party

Val Anderson, Met Min Easter Party

Heidi Wright, Met Min Easter Party

Sherri Ngo, Met Min Summer Splash

Jordan Thomas, Met Min Summer Splash

Kathryn Deen, Joshua House Summer Splash

Daniela Quast, Joshua House Summer Splash

Fundraising Event Chairs
Kari Bradley, Fall Into Fashion

Gina Fair, Fall Into Fashion

Erin McWhorter Jones, Silver Coffee Chair

Debbie Trujillo, LAMPLighters Fund Hope

Daniela Quast, Click Bid Event Support

Publicity Chairs

Debbie Trujillo, Public Relations

Nicole Cuervo, Social Media

Yolanda Cielo, Newsletter/Emails

Nancy Leach, Website

Deb Zimkus, Grants

Outreach Chairs

Cindy Sofarelli, Met Min Liaison

DeDe Grundel, Joshua House Liaison

Kari Adams, Outreach Mission Projects

Click here to Meet our Officers

Click here to Meet our
Membership  Chairs

Click here to Meet our Party Chairs

Click here to Meet our Fundraising Chairs

Click here to Meet our Publicity Chairs


2022 Kiwanis Grant for Joshua House

2022 Rotary Club of Tampa Foundation Grant

2022 Nominee for Tampa Bay Business Journal's One Tampa Bay Award

2021 Guidestar Gold Transparency Certification

2021 Columbia Community Harvest Grant

2020 Columbia Community Harvest Grant

2014 Metropolitan Ministries' E. Earl Jeter, Jr. Volunteer of the Year Award

2014 Finalist for the Metropolitan Ministries' Unity Award

2013 Finalist for WEDU Be More Awards - Small NonProfit of the Year

2012 Bob Thomas Star of Philanthropy Award from the Friends at Joshua House

2003 Philanthropist Service Organization of the Year by Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals

Click here to Meet our Outreach 

Check out LAMPLighters Debbie Trujillo and Amy Hull sharing our mission and upcoming events on the Sarina Fazan Network!

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LAMPLighter Presidents

1986-87 Sandra Gardner

1987-88 Robin De La Vargne

1988-89 Suzanne Taggart

1989-90 Judy Mitchell

1990-91 Patsy Woodroffe

1991-92 Patsy Caranante

1992-93 Marsha Martin

1993-94 Barbara Simmons

1994-95 Janet Catlett

1995-96 Karen Richardson

1996-97 Marsha Martin

1997-98 Frances Surgenor

1998-99 Bernadette Schurr

1999-00 Lila Mulholland

2000-01 Evelyn Bowles

2001-02 Carolyn Black

2002-03 Susanne Cleckler

2003-04 Sally Ordway

2004-05 Susy (Lienhart) Nelson

2005-06 Veronica Barquero

2006-07 Cleta Alexander

2007-08 Lila Mulholland

2008-09 Valarie Cappello

2009-10 Sally Mabry

2010-11 EJ Gibson

2011-12 Helen Raterman

2012-13 Nancy Leach

2013-14 Tricia Hancock

2014-15 Christine Manley

2015-16 Kelly Breeding

2016-17 Connie Gage

2017-18 Anne Carney

2018-19 Linda Stacy Mills

2019-20 Tracy Bales

2020-21 Charlene Bleakley

2021-22 Debbie Trujillo

2022-23 Tina Dumar

2023-24 Amy Hull

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