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LAMPLighters volunteering

Outreach Missions

Be a Homeroom Mom

LL Homeroom Moms 2022-23

Sign up here to be a Met Min Homeroom Mom!

We will be asking for a 3 month commitment to start, approx 1 hour/month, plus coordination with teachers. Times TBD. You will work with the teachers to come up with an activity for you to help with / lead in the classroom. It will most likely be something that fits into their curriculum. 

Reading to children

Teach Cooking Classes to the children & teens at Joshua House! SignUp with a partner to teach a cooking class to one of the houses. You plan the menu, shop for the food and we provide the kitchen and equipment.


Teach a Teen to Cook

Be a Reading Buddy

Sign up here to be a Joshua House Reading Buddy!

This program has LAMPLighters reading  mostly with younger boys, around 7 years old, on Monday evenings. Your time commitment can vary.

Children reading

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the residents of Metropolitan Ministries, LAMPLighters ensures that each new resident receives a packet of essential toiletries upon their arrival. This initiative aims to provide a sense of comfort and basic necessities to those who are transitioning into the shelter.

Throughout the year, this program remains steadfast, with LAMPLighters consistently ensuring that each new resident is equipped with the toiletries they need for personal care. By providing these essential items, we aim to alleviate some of the immediate challenges faced by individuals and families as they settle into their new living arrangements.

This ongoing effort reflects our dedication to the well-being and dignity of those in need, ensuring that they have access to basic necessities from the moment they arrive at Metropolitan Ministries

We Care Kit Committee Chair: 

Colleen Jones 

We Care Kit Inserts
Daniela and Tim with We Care Kits
hotel toiletries and makeup bags to any LAMPLighter meeting or event to donate!

We Care Kits

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